Popcorn Time!

I love the smell of fresh buttery popcorn, and apparently so do many others.  Meet Sheree, aka “The Popcorn Lady”, a volunteer with the PTO at one of our local elementary schools. Sheree

Sheree and I met when she was looking for someone to sew some aprons for her and the other volunteers to wear on Popcorn Friday’s.  Sheree had one apron but unfortunately it wasn’t able to stand up to an unfortunate demise in the back of her car.  This is where I come in, and I am so blessed that God has gifted me the ability to look at something and then be able to recreate it.


Thank you Sheree for the opportunity to sew these aprons for you.  I am happy to hear that they were “a hit” with your crew.

Sheree and girls
Popcorn Ladies!