Farewell 2017 and Welcome 2018!  As I sit to write this post, I can’t help but ponder on all of the New Years Resolutions that will be made but then not followed through.  Why does this happen?  We have such good intentions, but then life happens.  But what if we were to just choose one resolution and assign it a purpose!  Two years ago, I said I was going to quit smoking.  That goal had purpose in my life and I am still smoke free today.  Last year my goal was to read the Bible through chronologically in a year.  That goal had purpose in my life and I am a better Christian today.  So what purpose can you give to that one goal that you want to achieve?

Like many others, my goal this year is to lose weight, but there are so many things that go into losing weight.  Eat right, exercise, no sugar, low carb, reduce stress, get enough sleep, etc.  The list can be exhausting if we try and focus on all of those things, so I am choosing exercise.  Last year I came across a site for virtual running events and decided to give it a try.  Journey to Jupiter starts today and I am happy to say that I logged my first two miles of the year.  That two miles also gets me closer to completing the Full Moon Challenge (13 miles total, 1 for every full moon in 2018).  Whether you run or walk, bike or swim, every mile counts.

Would you join me in assigning purpose to your resolutions?  It all starts with having Faith.  Faith helps us to resist those negative thoughts that can often hinder our progress and Faith can keep us from indulging in those things that ultimately bring dissatisfaction.  Let us encourage one another in our purposeful decisions and celebrate even the smallest of victories along the way!

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